Our Philosophy

Change your clothes, your mind, your attitude, your sport, your work, your lifestyle, your finances, your friends, your city, or even your country. Our philosophy is simple. "Just change." If you desire something, just make a change and fulfill your dreams. Change is about expressing freedom. Change is about thinking differently than you did before. Change is what makes you young no matter how old you are. Change inspires greatness in life while sameness bores and dulls the soul. What sets humans apart from all other life on earth is our ability to make choices beyond habit and instinct. Freedom of choice is a natural born right of all man and womankind.  

JDEZ apparel is about change. We bring unique wearable products to people who are bored with the mundane offerings of mass-market merchandisers. We are about bending and breaking rules of tradition with innovation, creativity and common sense. We believe that outward change inspires inner change. We want to help people like you to create their own personal "freedom movement" by providing truly unique alternatives in comfortable and stylish clothing.

We support sustainable farming by using 100% organically farmed cotton. ( Every T-shirt not produced with standard cotton saves a quarter-pound of hazardous pesticides). We also support our local community. All our products are designed and manufactured in Seattle, Washington. We believe the foundation of a strong community lies in it's own ability to provide food, shelter and clothing. We don't believe in exploiting workers in foreign countries for the sake of outlandish profit and financial posturing. We are not venture capitalized. We sell our products either directly or through small regionally owned boutiques.

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